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Are you looking to buy an investment property in Wake County, NC? The area offers plenty of opportunities as it has several factors that savvy property investors look for. Such factors include population growth, good schools, excellent quality of life, and a high rate of employment. 

Wake County, NC is the central hub for technological firms and has a solid reputation in the agricultural industry. This stimulates more business activity thus creating more jobs for people. 

Aside from that, North Carolina State University, Meredith College and Shaw University are some of the highly distinguished schools located in Wake County. This means you already have a set of potential tenants if you target the student demographic.

On the other hand, you can also look for families as potential renters since Wake County is known for its high quality of life offering its residents fine amenities such as good restaurants, numerous shops, lively community events, and lovely outdoor spaces. Additionally, Wake County has several cities that always earn a consistent ranking in terms of safety.

This article will discuss the top areas to invest in Wake County. 

Best Wake County Neighborhoods to Buy Real Estate

Hayes Barton

Hayes Barton’s accessible location in the Downtown area of Raleigh is ideal for a wide variety of prospective tenants. The neighborhood offers residents a historic charm and vast lots making it suitable for large families.

It’s also near to desirable amenities such as great restaurants, urban parks, and businesses. Hence, residents can benefit from living, working, and playing in one place.  

Hayes Barton neighborhood

Although Hayes Barton may come with a higher price tag, investors and residents get what they pay for thanks to the serenity of the area, larger homes, and ideal location. 

North Hills

Another neighborhood to set your sights on as a real estate investor in Wake County is North Hills. It appeals to a diverse range of prospective tenants which bodes well for investors. One can find luxury homes, ranch-style housing, modern architecture, apartments, and single-family dwellings in the area. 

North Hills is also known for its excellent schools making it a great area for families with kids. In terms of amenities, North Hills comes with a Crabtree Valley shopping mall, fine restaurants, relaxing parks, and vibrant entertainment hubs.

North Hills offers an outstanding quality of living given that residents have access to several dining spots, movie theaters, musical performances, and outdoor activities. It’s perfect for all types of renters from families, to young professionals. 

Cary Park

Cary Park is a smart choice for real estate investors checking out Wake County in North Carolina. It’s a lovely neighborhood with a welcoming community that attracts families, young couples, and single residents alike. One can invest in several property styles including condominium units, townhomes, and single-detached housing in this area.

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Cary Park is popular for its access to the 28-acre lake. Residents can enjoy walking, jogging, or biking around its well-paved trails. You can also attract renters with pets given its wonderful outdoor amenities. 

As if that isn’t enough, the area also provides convenience with its short distance to Cary Park Town Center, grocery shops, medical clinics, and dining spots. Consider this welcoming area and its community for your next investment!


Another strong contender that offers desirable real estate in Wake County is Preston, NC. It has all the qualities of a desired neighborhood with a strategic location near quality schools and solid amenities.

As an investor, you can choose to target retirees, young couples, families with kids, and professionals to be your prospective renters. Preston offers locals excellent golf facilities with its prestigious Prestonwood Country Club. Apart from that, the county club also offers access to a pool, exciting events, and a dining membership.


If you plan to invest in rentals fit for families, professionals, and senior residents, Wakefield is another great neighborhood. The area offers residents a suburban lifestyle with quick downtown access in just half an hour. Renters also enjoy the area because of its convenient access to grocery shops, top-ranking public schools, and healthcare facilities.

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This neighborhood has a country club to support the golfing hobby of the residents. If you want to invest in a cozy area with easy access to the excitement of downtown, consider Wakefield!

In a Nutshell: Best Neighborhoods in Wake County 

Wake County, North Carolina is a worthwhile area for investors to consider when looking to expand their real estate portfolio. It offers lovely neighborhoods for residents and investors to choose from given all its. 

Between its top-ranking schools, country clubs, entertainment, dining and shopping options, and accessibility to business areas, it’s the perfect place for a real estate investment. If you are looking to invest in Wake County real estate, you may want to consider Hayes Barton, North Hills, Cary Park, Preston, and Wakefield.

If you would like help managing your rental properties consider reaching out to the experts at Ballo Realty Property Management. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have questions about investment opportunities in Wake County, NC!

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