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365 Realtor Referral Program for Real Estate Agents and Investor Clients

Our Pledge to You

We offer a full spectrum of property management services with flexible pricing solutions that will take care of your client’s property from start to finish. Our 365 Exclusive Realtor Referral Program not only offers a stable passive income to real estate agents but also guarantees the return of your client when they are ready to sell.

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Benefits of working with us

Get Unlimited Referral Fee

Get Unlimited Referral Fee:

For every new client, you refer to us, you will receive $365 for each door (*). Even better, for every 6 new doors referred within a six-month period, we’ll give you an extra $365 (**) . We guarantee that all referral fees will be paid within 24 hours after the first month's rent is paid.

(*) Referral fees are paid within 24 hours after the property leased and the first month’s rent is paid. If the property has an existing tenant, please call us to discuss the referral fee structure.
(**) The bonus referral fee is paid when the agent refers to “6 rental doors” within a “six-month” period.

Approach Your Client With Confidence:

We are happy to consult you and your investor client with rent estimations, rent-ready repair needs, as well as any property management questions without any fees or obligations. Building a solid reputation in the real estate industry takes time. We’ll work diligently to keep your client happy which in return will reflect positively on you.

Approach Your Client with Confidence
Your Client Remains Yours

Your Client Remains Yours:

Your name remains with your referred client. We pledge to maintain the property and give your client the best possible experience...and we'll smoothly transition them back to you as soon as they’re ready to sell.

With our referral program, you’ll earn money now and later with the sale.

Minimize Your Liability:

Property Management operates differently than real estate sales. We will handle the unique challenges of property management including tenant screening, HOA requirements, insurance stipulations, trust accounting, and renters rights so you can focus on what you do best SELL Real Estate.

We know that bad advice will have devastating consequences on your business and for your client. Keep yourself protected and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Minimize Your Liability

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