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In North Carolina, our state motto goes “Esse quam videri”, which means “To be, rather than to seem”.

At Ballo Realty Property Management, we may not speak latin, but we take this quote to heart by delivering a great property owner experience rather than to tell it.

We understand that your investment property is one of the most important assets to you that can generate a passive source of income. And while it can be difficult to trust in someone else to manage your property, it can be even more challenging to go through the stress, risk, time, and frustration of managing it yourself. That’s why here at Ballo Realty Property Management, we want to show that you can trust us by protecting your investment and minimizing your cost.

With over 25 years of combined experience, we not only breath Property Management, but we live in it as well. We provide personal service because what happens to you affects us personally. We understand our property owners because we’ve been there.  We have been experienced landlords, investors, remodelers with properties across the country. These experiences laid the foundation for the expertise we provide to your rental investment. Our name, “Ballo,” is an Italian dance from the Fifteenth century noted for its frequent changes of tempo.  In today’s times, you need a company ready to move and adapt to the ever-changing rental market.

John Ozgunduz

Broker-in-Charge, Property Manager
Realtor, NC Real Estate Broker.

John, a founding partner of Ballo Realty Property Management Company, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a 20+ year residential real estate veteran. John has a graduate degree in Global Management and a BA in Business Administration. This knowledge, coupled with his 25 years of sales and marketing experience in construction materials and distribution industry has provided him valuable skills that he uses daily in property management and real estate negotiations.

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John Ozgunduz: Broker-In-Charge, Property Manager, Realtor, NC Real Estate Broker
Alp Ozgunduz: Operations Manager, Assistant Property Manager

Alp Ozgunduz

Operations Manager, Assistant Property Manager

Alp, partner of Ballo Realty Property Management, graduated with a BS in Systems Engineering and Project Management Institute Certified. Alp’s understanding of operations and systems, as well as his natural affinity with technology has given Ballo Realty the technological edge it needs in order to make their operations as clean and efficient as possible. In addition, Alp’s systematic approach to solving problems makes a natural fit when communicating between landlords and tenants.

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Verda Ozgunduz

Marketing / Accounting Manager, NC Real Estate Broker

Verda, co-founder of Ballo Realty. She has a graduate degree in Advertising Management and BS in Management Engineering.

After graduation, Verda worked in various marketing management positions in multinational companies. Her marketing experience along with her attention to detail made her an ideal candidate for the marketing and accounting manager role at Ballo Realty. She has North Carolina Real Estate Broker License since 2008.

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Verda Ozgunduz: Marketing/ Accounting Manager, NC Real Estate Broker
Elif Dilekoglu: Investor Relations Manager, Realtor, NC Real Estate Broker

Elif Dilekoglu

Investor Relations Manager, Realtor, NC Real Estate Broker

Elif has a BA degree in Economics. After graduating, she worked in various positions along with as a Paralegal in a North Carolina Real Estate Law office. Her background along with her intimate knowledge in Real Estate legal transaction processes led her to get a Real Estate Broker License.

She is committed to educate and assist her clients in providing expert advice when purchasing or selling their homes.

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H. Cecilia Gao

Realtor, NC Real Estate Broker

Cecilia has a BA degree in Accounting. After graduating, she built and managed a successful remodeling company for 11 years in the Triangle Area. This gave her a strong understanding of real estate evaluation in terms of design, value/cost analysis, location as well as trends. She speaks fluent Mandarin. Her experience in the construction industry, communication skills, and attention to detail makes her an ideal buyer/seller real estate agent for Ballo Realty.

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Yucel BIO Pick

Yucel Azamet

Realtor, NC Real Estate Broker

Yucel has an Associate degree in Computer and Information Sciences.  He has been living in Wake County for over 20 years. He has a deep understanding of residential construction particularly HVAC systems. Yucel’s strong problem-solving skills, quality-minded attitude, and technical background allow him to arrive at smooth solutions for his buyer/seller clients.

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