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Culture at Ballo Realty Property Management

Our Culture In North Carolina, our state motto goes “Esse quam videri ”, which means “To be, rather than to seem ”.

At Ballo Realty Property Management, we may not speak latin, but we take this quote to heart by delivering a great property owner experience rather than to tell it…


I bought three properties through Ballo Realty. John walked me through the processes and he has always been there for me when we needed to go and see a property, during the walk throughs and closings. They manage those properties as well. John and the Ballo Realty Team are extremely professional. I have been very happy with the service they have provided. I would highly recommend Ballo Realty for your real estate needs (purchasing, selling and managing).

~ Z. S. November 2020

I’ve been a tenant for 12 years next month. I am very satisfied with the property. If I ever have a problem it’s addressed the same day.

I wouldn’t rent from anyone else but them.

~ A.P. December 2020

John is the best seller and property manager I ever met. He showed exemplary attendance to my needs when I sold my house and when I rented a property. I am in the process of down-sizing. I first sold my house as an empty-nester. Not only he prepared the house that I sold also negotiated fiercely for the best deal. At some point he carried stones all day to take care of the backyard. His work was above and beyond. That is because his services are based on years of experience, knowledge and further focus on putting himself personally to provide best customer service. I did not have to interact with the potential buyers knowing a professional and personal person is on my side. Currently, I am renting one of the houses that he is managing. He personally showed up at the property as soon as I called him several times - even during Christmas. He made sure the workers of the repair people did a good job by following them continuously. He also worked with me as a Buyer's agent and utilized all his contacts to get the information about the houses we are considering - i.e. inspectors, floor experts, HVAC firms. Of course, it works both ways. I do have endless respect for him and so does he for me. Our conversations were always at the civilized, professional level. We both trust each other's honesty as well. So if respect, trust and honesty are your principles when you do business and in your personal life, he is the one to go for all your property needs. You will be in excellent hands.

~ B. T. November 2020

I have been renting with John and his company for the past 6 years. I have had nothing but prompt responses if there were any issues and plan on staying with John and his company for years to come. I have been in my current house for 3 years, since then I had two repairs needed and John came out himself and fixed them that day (I also learned a fair amount)! The properties have been fairly priced and he worked with me to make sure that I was comfortable renting initially. I could go on, but frankly I haven’t had a better rental property or management team behind me prior to this. If you are looking to be treated like a person, not a number on a page, John’s driven work ethic and friendly personality is for you.

~ M. Y. December 2020

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Wired Up and Ready to Invest

Raleigh, NC is a lively, small-town feeling city with a big impact in Wake County. Earning titles like “Most Wired”, “The Brainiest”, and “Best Big City in the Southeast”, Raleigh has always been on the forefront of technological and cultural innovation.

With a rapidly growing population and progressive culture, Raleigh has been ranked as the fourth best place to purchase investment properties according to Turbo Tenant. For those looking for a boost in their investment portfolio, look no other than Raleigh, NC!



The “Hottest” Town in NC

Wake County may have some hot cities, but there's one that takes the mantle as the Hottest according to Money Magazine: Cary, NC.

Ranked number one as the best place for home ownership according to NerdWallet, as well as having a median income of $92,000, Cary is a sound choice for investment and good living.



The Peak of Good Living

Apex, NC has taken on the title of “The Peak of Good Living!” and for good reasons too! Rated NUMBER 1 as the best place to live according to Money Magazine as well as number 1 for fastest growing suburb according to, Apex is a fantastic place for landlords to invest in.


Holly Springs

Fast Growing Town still with a Small Town Feel

Holly Springs is ranked number 1 as the safest city in NC in 2019 by Homesnacks and ranked number 7 as the best city to live in America according to WalletHub, Holly Springs will guarantee a steady return on investment for your properties!



Live Connected, Live Well

Within close proximity to the Research Triangle Park and the RDU International Airport as well as having a rich history, Morrisville, NC is an excellent location for landlords to invest in. Their recognition and contribution to Wake County has made it one of the best places to invest in residential real estate.



Compared to its neighbors, Fuquay-Varina is a pretty young but growing town. Despite the increase in population, it seems that the area has still maintained some of its cozy charms. Fuquay-Varina is also home to plenty of lovely amenities making it a great area to invest in!

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